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Jonathan and team are busy developing his first-ever online learning membership site. After polling Jonathan Field Horsemanship friends on Facebook for a fitting name, it was clear OPEN FIELD was the favourite…and so it came to be!

“I’ve always wanted to connect more with students and share experiences and lessons in a meaningful, accessible, ‘real-time’ way. DVDs are lengthy and costly to produce which limits our ability to share more of the horsemanship and learning that takes place at home on the ranch and out on the road. 

With 20+ years of collecting footage and interviews, combined with new content we’re planning to film (soon as good weather arrives!), I believe this new OPEN FIELD platform and it’s mobile App will be a complete game-changer for my students and their horses, no matter where they are in the world!”  

Construction of the
is under way.
Expected launch date –

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